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    Toyota Altezza
  1. Сцепление на 1JZ-GTE + w58

    yep , i know this. i need some nice clutch for city use but can't find anything stable
  2. Сцепление на 1JZ-GTE + w58

    u mean ceramic disk? @sant57
  3. Мозги 1 Jz

    what about ecus ? i am searching some ecu, which i tune myself (with open source soft)
  4. Сцепление на 1JZ-GTE + w58

    for now, I'm going this
  5. Сцепление на 1JZ-GTE + w58

    @sant57 yep clutch kits goes 400$+ and for now i already have w58 236mm complete :/ .. is someone tried what about valeo pressure plates? do u know something about this guys?
  6. Сцепление на 1JZ-GTE + w58

    Hi from 2018. tell me some nice cluth kit which will work fine on stock 1jz-gte + w58 box. my stock clutch doesn't work, pressure plate fails (буксовать), guys say that even if i replace this plate with stock new plate, result will be same. on ebay most cheap clutch kit is act and costs 450$+, plus shipping etc. so tell me some cheap and good advice which will work fine please
  7. Green altezza from Georgia

    @Shokai That UZ guys......
  8. Green altezza from Georgia

    it's small cooler, mine is lower than lip
  9. Green altezza from Georgia

    there are no stock bumpers in google
  10. Make 1jz-gte beautiful

    Hello guys, need your help. I'm going to make 1jz-gte engine beautiful, so when u open bonnet, it will look nice. now i'm going to paint ecu cover, fuse covers, engine cover. what can i do "esho"?
  11. Green altezza from Georgia

    @HLinS @Shokai show me something, guys
  12. Green altezza from Georgia

    guys please show me pictures of altezza with big intercoolers and stock front bumper with lips. my cooler is too big and it's lower than bumper and looks ugly
  13. Green altezza from Georgia

    @dev123 yep i have them too, so if someone exchanges i will install 1g-fe radiator maybe with mercedes fans, they are tooo strong
  14. Green altezza from Georgia

    jzs161 radiator won't fit directly yep. i prefer to buy aluminium radiator on ebay but till it comes i need alternative choices or something from other car's which will install directly and easy and won't boil