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    Toyota Altezza 1JZ-GTE

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  1. Tornike

    Cusco vs Blitz

    @Shokai hehe, it comes on this evening or tomorrow, and one is mine, one is for sale so i won't have second chance to change it, thinking to choose cusco, but I'm very interested in Blitz. finally i think I'll choose it by condition
  2. Tornike

    Cusco vs Blitz

    Hi, i have 2 options Cusco and Blitz coilovers, i have to choose one of them, i know that cusco is very good and stable, but i have never heard anything about blitz coilovers, so i wonder if someone know which one is better? should i prefer blitz over cusco?
  3. Tornike


    @Woody i also like Red, but reds are pretty common in georgia, i want something strange and unknown
  4. Tornike


    @Shokai i want some new color
  5. Tornike


    Hi, please help me choose some new color for my altezza, currently it's electric green. i just don't know which color to choose, i want something special and strange
  6. @Roma Sky unfortunately i was too young when king kahn was playing and wasn't watching football , i started watching football since 2009 and first and forever club was bavaria, you are right @ONYX Thaanks
  7. Finally painted and installed this bodykit, much thanks to @Shokai and sokolov
  8. Tornike

    HKS EVC 5/EZ 2 Setup

    Hi everyone, i just bought hks evc 5 ez 2 electronic booost controller, installed, searched everything in google and on youtube, watched all videos, do same as they do, but boost doesn't increase, have same boost which i had till installing and setting up this controller, so if someone knows how to set up or what's the problem, help me
  9. has someone installed ebay slim fans or something like this on 1jz-gte? i have too small space, mercedes fans is still big, i need some slimmer choice
  10. yep , i know this. i need some nice clutch for city use but can't find anything stable
  11. Tornike

    Мозги 1 Jz

    what about ecus ? i am searching some ecu, which i tune myself (with open source soft)
  12. for now, I'm going this
  13. @sant57 yep clutch kits goes 400$+ and for now i already have w58 236mm complete :/ .. is someone tried what about valeo pressure plates? do u know something about this guys?