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    Toyota Altezza -98 rs200 z-edition

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  1. Thank you! I gave up and took it to repair shop for them to see whats broken. Thanks for the help though!
  2. Carrier bearing seems fine. The rubber has a little play but it still seems pretty ok. Gearbox output shaft has some play in the gearbox end and when i move it by hand it makes a clanking sound. I can take pictures today after work. Thank you guys for help!
  3. vrde

    Transmission problem

    Hello, first of all im sorry for the english language im from Finland and altezza scene is not big here so i decided to ask some help from here. I bought my Toyota altezza -98 rs200 z-edition 2 months ago and about 1000 km ago my pressure bearing started to whine etc. Now i discovered when driving 80kmh and letting of the gas, my car vibrates. Engaging the clutch stops the vibrating and putting my foot back on gas stops the vibration so it must be in the transmission/drivetrain area. My ujoints seem to be in a good condition and the vibration seems to be coming from the end of my transmission. Little clanking sounds and vibration. I would be happy if someone could help me figure out the problem. Thanks and again sorry if this has been already here i just cant find it because i cant speak russian.