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    Toyota Altezza 1JZ-GTE

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  1. @Shokai hehe, it comes on this evening or tomorrow, and one is mine, one is for sale so i won't have second chance to change it, thinking to choose cusco, but I'm very interested in Blitz. finally i think I'll choose it by condition
  2. Tornike

    Cusco vs Blitz

    Hi, i have 2 options Cusco and Blitz coilovers, i have to choose one of them, i know that cusco is very good and stable, but i have never heard anything about blitz coilovers, so i wonder if someone know which one is better? should i prefer blitz over cusco?
  3. Tornike


    @Woody i also like Red, but reds are pretty common in georgia, i want something strange and unknown
  4. Tornike


    @Shokai i want some new color
  5. Tornike


    Hi, please help me choose some new color for my altezza, currently it's electric green. i just don't know which color to choose, i want something special and strange
  6. Tornike

    HKS EVC 5/EZ 2 Setup

    Hi everyone, i just bought hks evc 5 ez 2 electronic booost controller, installed, searched everything in google and on youtube, watched all videos, do same as they do, but boost doesn't increase, have same boost which i had till installing and setting up this controller, so if someone knows how to set up or what's the problem, help me
  7. yep , i know this. i need some nice clutch for city use but can't find anything stable
  8. Tornike

    Мозги 1 Jz

    what about ecus ? i am searching some ecu, which i tune myself (with open source soft)
  9. for now, I'm going this
  10. @sant57 yep clutch kits goes 400$+ and for now i already have w58 236mm complete :/ .. is someone tried what about valeo pressure plates? do u know something about this guys?
  11. Hi from 2018. tell me some nice cluth kit which will work fine on stock 1jz-gte + w58 box. my stock clutch doesn't work, pressure plate fails (буксовать), guys say that even if i replace this plate with stock new plate, result will be same. on ebay most cheap clutch kit is act and costs 450$+, plus shipping etc. so tell me some cheap and good advice which will work fine please
  12. Tornike

    Make 1jz-gte beautiful

    Hello guys, need your help. I'm going to make 1jz-gte engine beautiful, so when u open bonnet, it will look nice. now i'm going to paint ecu cover, fuse covers, engine cover. what can i do "esho"?
  13. they told me that they did it, @Shokai told me also that, then i told this swapper guys and they told that they did power wiring, but they will check it . but i think it's something different @HLinS